Brewtown @Newtown

Brewtown @Newtown


As we take our place in the line we are greeted by a warm friendly host who takes our name down for a table.

The short wait gave us the opportunity to digest the full Brewtown experience.

brewtown newtown coffee

The passion and intent from the barista in crafting each coffee.

Trays of cro-nuts hot off the press filling the display cabinet.


We are taken to our seats at the bar, and given glasses of lightly sparkled water.

Cappuccinos were ordered, made with precision and passion, delivered with a smile.

At the time cusp of 11:45 it was a death defying decision of breakfast or lunch, the Elvis burger was the winner. A gorgeous beef patty, doused with cheese, layered between some bacon and served between a savoury cronut, with a side of fries and house made relish, it was a party for my taste buds.


After our meal and the opportunity soak in some of the atmosphere and buzz in Brewtown, a jam filled cronut was procured. My taste buds went into over drive, a crisp outer crust with a soft and delicate pastry layers within.IMG_8603

Brewtown, a culinary delight, worth the visit.


Have you been to Brewtown @newtown ? Share your thoughts !

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