1. HI, just come across your site. I have a Neff Combination steam oven which i have used for various things and have been realy happy with it. But i was wondering if you have ever tried cooking a fish pie in one??

    Love to hear your thoughts



    1. Hi Louise I haven’t used a neff before. I will take a look at the settings on a neff and try to convert one for you 🙂
      I would suggest using a mixture of heat at steam I usually use a quarter steam and heat 25% steam at 180c for pie baking.

  2. Hi Lauren I visited you at Domayne in Warrawong. Have been trying to use my AEG steam oven more.Have been left with the Xmas mess after a baked lunch.The vinegar & steam had no effect.Can you give me some hints that may help to get the oven clean again.Wishing you & your family a wonderful festive season & happy cooking. Many thanks Georgina

    1. Georgina,

      I am sorry to hear your oven isn’t clean 😦

      Try putting the same mixture of vinegar and water into the recess on full steam, put it through several times to soften the mess, try removing using a soft slightly abrasive cloth, nothing to harsh.
      Soak the shelves in napisan over night.
      I hope that helps, failing that I would see Jim or James in store or contact the call centre (numbers in the brochure).

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