Fun with food

On this page you will find recipes, resources and activities that can been created with 8-15 year old children in mind.

Kids love creating, being involved in a process and the ownership of the final product. Cooking is a great skill for life.

The tactile nature of preparing food, followed by the joy of consuming the food product gives children a great sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Cooking unlike many other hobbies or past times has a certain amount of immediacy to it. It has the added advantages giving real life links to learning, literacy and numeracy as well a few bits of chemistry.

All the recipes on this page have been tried and tested by 8-15 year old children and require basic household equipment. Please remember most children need supervision whilst cooking to ensure their safety.

Enjoy trying the recipes and creating your own masterpieces.  Please comment on how much you enjoyed creating the meal and consuming the meal.



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