Meshwi Haberfield

half chicken,chips and saladMeshwi has brought great tasting Lebanese food into Haberfield, previously this pocket of Sydney was dominated by Italian food.mixed grill

The restaurant has a clean chic look, with bright colours and ample seating room. Staff are friendly and willing to help.IMG_2034

Meats are flavoursome and well seasoned with herbs and spices, a nice charcoal taste comes through from being cooked over an open fire pit. Salads are fresh and delicious with great seasonings and dressings. Mixed plates come with a generous serving of pickles, which are amazing. Portions are ample.

The bread is light and fluffy, the dips are delicious unfortunately, the garlic sauce did not pack the punch that I was hoping for. It appeared and tasted to be more like an aioli than a toum, it lacked sharpness and zing.salad

If you are looking for a well priced Lebanese BBQ restaurant in the Inner West give Meshwi a try.chicken, pita, pickles, chips, salad WRAPPED


Meshwi on Urbanspoon


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