What an experience to learn, watch, listen, touch and try foods produced by some of the most talented chefs in Australia and the globe. It was a fantastic opportunity to absorb the knowledge and passion displayed by some of the best young chefs in the world.

Coupe de Pates Cannelle

Bandoit lightly sparkling water

Omnivore is the cutting edge of modern young Australian cuisine. Originating in France, the Omnivore festival has returned to Australia for its second year.Coupe de Pates fruit and custard pasties

These talented young chefs brought a new way of thinking and a clear path of the evolution of Australian cuisine.

Coupe de Pates MacaronAll chefs shared the same vision, looking to the past to take flavours and skills to reinvent our cuisine.

Coupe de Pates Macarons

Plenty of delicious pastries and decadent marshmallows, petit fours, Macarons from Coupe de Pates, Bandoit and Evian water was available to sample.evian

Carla Jones: 4 Fourteen

Carla Jones 4Fourteen and I

Demonstrated how to produce a pork terrine using all parts of the pig. It was the best terrine I have ever tasted.

Pork Terrine

Josh and Julie Niland: Fish FaceJosh with the biggest piece of Tuna I have ever seen

Demonstrated how at Fish Face they use the whole fish in ‘fin to tail’ cooking and produced a delectable tuna salad.Tuna salad with puffed burgal

Gita Seaton who came all the way from Canada.Hush puppies with homemade spicy salsa

Brought to us a little soul food and made each of us a Hush Puppy and demonstrated how to cure fish. It was truly amazing to hear how she established herself by starting pop up diners in convenience stores !Cured kingfish on celery and kaffir puree

Patrick Friesen: Papi ChuloPatrick Friesen and I

An amazing character who brought a cheeky sense of humour to the culinary arts. He demonstrated how to make a gorgeous squid salad with crunchy potatoes. He shared with us his passion for cooking, quality produce and excellent flavours.  He proudly uses Australian iron bark at Papi Chulo.Squid salad with sorrel and dill dressing

Paul Farag: Four in Hand

Taught us how to fillet a flat fish and how to use all parts of the fish to minimise wastage. At For in Hand they use the whole fish from head to tail. He demonstrated how to perfectly pan fry fish  and make a sorrel and apple emulsion sauce.

Paul Farag flounder with a sorrel and apple emulsion

Nathan Sasi: NomadNathan Sasi demonstrating how to make mortadella

Demonstrated and produced one of Nomad’s famous charcuteries, the mortadella. His passion for creating charcuteries from scratch using and reinventing forgotten skills.Coupe de Pates Cannelle

Omnivore has finished for 2014 so keep your eyes peeled for 2015. The Omnivore festival is not one to be missed.

Coupe de Pates canelle with silver leaf


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