Blessed with another warm sunny winters day in Sydney I went in search of some culinary delights.

Upon arrival to Carriage Works, I was greeted by the blissful sounds of live jazz music, many precious pooches wagging their tails and bubbles floating around me from a group of children. Adults were carrying bright bunches of flowers and bags filled with delicious treats, my excitement grew as I scurried to the entrance of the markets.

Jazz musician

I was met by a 5th Generation oyster farmer, who brought up some beautiful fresh oysters from Batemans Bay, he could shuck an oyster faster than ever seen before, and laughed quietly when asked how many times he had cut his hand. The oysters were fresh, large and most importantly delicious.

oysters being shucked as orderedRalston Brother oysters

The bakers were out and had brought their finest loaves. I purchased a gorgeous Organic Roast Pumpkin loaf from La Tartine. Shepard bakery had a fruit loaf, which was jam packed with delicious fruits.

Herb and cheese loaf, Sheppards Bakery

Fresh sourdough La TartinePumpkin Sourdough La Tartine







Fruit and vegetables, in all shapes and size, I couldn’t resist the baby kale and fennel or the Romanesco cauliflower and the multi-coloured carrots.The Romanesco cauliflower, a very unique vegetable so beautiful and quirky I felt guilty chopping it up. A very soft a delicate flavour with a slight nutty taste.

Romanesco CauliflowerRainbow Carrots

Baby KaleAs the day went on and my hunger grew, I had to pick between many delicious lunch options……..pho soup, crepes, steak sandwiches, or something from the Billy Kwong stall. Kylie Kwong was serving on the day, so how could I resist? Sticky rice served with fried BUGS, that’s right fried BUGS, mine came with some centrepieds and a cricket. I was assured they are bred especially for ‘eating’. They were crunchy, nutty, undoubtedly an acquired taste.

Kylie Kwong @Billy Kwong stall

Sticky rice with fried bugsNutella Crepe

The flowers were aromatic and bountiful, the challenge is picking which bunches to my fancy the most. I selected some beautiful iris’s and some bright poppies. The contrast of the vibrant yellow and purple brought a sea of colour to my hall table.

Vibrant Iris'Once arriving home I had the difficult choices, of deciding what to do with all of this delicious produce!

Fruit loaf was saved for Sunday breakfast, I made a beautiful spiced ricotta to serve with toasted fruit loaf and honey.

Fruit toast and spiced ricottaOn both Saturday and Sunday nights antipasto platters I smothered some of the pumpkin bread with homemade fig jam and double Brie, and topped it with house marinated fetta.

house marinated fetta on pumpkin sourdoughOysters were served fresh with lemon, who can resist a freshly shucked Oyster?

Baby kale, was turned into a delicious salad with a pear and mustard dressing the remaining was made into Kale ‘n apple juice.

I toasted some pine nuts, mixed some lemon juice and olive oil, lightly steamed the Romanesco cauliflower and served it as a warm salad.

A trip to the Eveleigh markets is a must for anyone who wants a great bite to eat and to stock on some dinner party essentials.


Farmers’ Market

Every Saturday
8am to 1pm

Eveleigh Market at Carriageworks
245 Wilson St, Eveleigh
P: (+61 2) 8571 9099



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