Blackwall Café

Blackwall Cafe 
Scrambled eggs with a side of house smoked trout

Hiding at the water end of Blackwall Point Rd is a gorgeous and quaint café, with water and city views. The Blackwall Point Café is a great spot to enjoy all the gorgeous and glorious things about Sydney, GREAT views and GREAT coffee!Great coffee

Staff are super friendly and keen as to make your experience enjoyable.


The coffee is superb, All Press Coffee is used. Well crafted by the barista, nice and smooth, no acidic undertones.

The food is delicious, portions are generous and well priced. Dishes were seasoned to perfection. The trout house smoked trout is totally divine.


Blackwall  Café has loads of parking, close to the ferry and right at the bus stop so getting there is super easy ! This cafe is an InnerWest delight and well worth the trip.


It would be formidable for me not to mention the salt water fish tank, if the ocean and city views are enough you enjoy the gorgeous tropical fish tank filled with coral and loads of fish ‘nemo’ while you enjoy your time at the Blackwall Café.


Open 6:30-4pm everyday expect for Tuesday.

45 Blackwall Point Rd Chiskwick


The Grumpy Barista Petersham

The Grumpy Barista Petersham

What a quaint corner café!!! As you walk into the café; the awe and wonder of ‘what’s in the glass box’ will excite your tastebuds. You will be faced with traumatic dilemmas, what panini and/or cronut will I have? The variety of cronuts does change regularly the Nutella injected cronut seems to be a favourite, and is regularly sold out! the Honey and Pistachio, maple syrup and macadamia, white chocolate and raspberry with pistachio brittle.

Cronut filled with custard, topped with Nutella, sprinkled with cookies and served with a Nutella syringe shot AMAZING !

Cronut filled with custard, topped with Nutella, sprinkled with cookies and served with a Nutella syringe shot AMAZING !

Toby’s Estate coffee is served. Despite its name – ‘Grumpy Barista’ – the coffee is superbly crafted and has a superior taste and delicate smoothness. Staff were friendly and obliging.

Toby's Estate beans used to craft my delicious Latte

Toby’s Estate beans used to craft my delicious Latte

The ‘Green Smoothie’ was filling and delicious, packed full of super foods to counterbalance the cronuts, heaps of non coffee drink options available.

Uber delicious and super healthy green smoothie

Uber delicious and super healthy green smoothie

The Rueben – A super delicious and filling sandwich, was divine – the perfect amount of mustard, generous amounts of corned beef, smothered between some sauerkraut and rocket.

The Ruben

The Ruben

You need to make sure you save some room for the Cronuts – a light and flaky ball of goodness. I chose the Nutella Injected Cronut with custard filling, with a Nutella syringe very yummy and definitely a winner
The café has ample indoor and outdoor seating so you should always find a spot to savour all of the scrumptious goodies at the Grumpy Barista.

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LemonRind Cafe Drummoyne

LemonRind café Drummoyne

In the heart of Drummoyne away from the hustle and bustle of busy streets is a little find; the LemonRind café.  A revamped old school butcher shop with ample indoor and outdoor seating.

Coffee Alchemy beans served at LemonRind CafeLemonRind has super friendly and helpful staff willing to help you through the array of coffee or food choices available. The café has a range of daily specials as well as an excellent assortment of dishes on the fixed menu. Meals are freshly made to order and well-seasoned.

Big breakfast

The big breakfast, mushrooms, eggs, sourdough, bacon, sausages and spicy salsa $16.50, on my second visit I swapped the sausages for some wilted greens

Medly of mushrooms in the big breakfast

A medley of mushrooms, a delicious component of the big breakfast $16.50

Croque Madame with freshly cracked pepper

A well made croque madam with oozy Grueye cheese $15.00

Coffee Alchemy beans are used. LemonRind makes superb coffee nice and smooth with a slightly nutty after taste with no acidic undertones.


Cappuccino $3.50

Soy latte

Soy Latte $4.00

LemonRind café is a fabulous spot for a coffee or a bite to eat, I definitely recommended for a breakfast or lunch in Sydney’s Innerwest.

54 Thompson St, Drummoyne NSW 2047

Mon-Fri   7:00AM – 4:30PM

Sat-Sun  7:30AM – 4:00PM

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